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com·ple·men·ta·ry  (kmpl-mnt-r, -tr)
1. Forming or serving as a complement; completing.
2. Supplying mutual needs or offsetting mutual lacks.
3. Genetics Of or relating to a group of genes that act in concert to produce a specific phenotype.
4. Biochemistry Of or relating to the specific pairing of the purines and pyrimidines between strands of a DNA or an RNA molecule.

comple·menta·ri·ly (-t-r-l, -tr-l, -mn-târ-l) adv.
comple·menta·ri·ness n.

complementary  /kmplmntri/  adj. An angle that, when added to a second angle (or angles), will combine to form a 90-degree angle: A 31-degree angle is complementary to a 59-degree angle, because their sum is 90 degrees. See: compliment. complementary

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