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com·fort·a·ble  (kmfr-t-bl, kmft-bl, kmftr-)
1. Providing physical comfort: a comfortable chair.
2. Free from stress or anxiety; at ease: not comfortable about the interview.
3. Producing feelings of ease or security: a comfortable person; a comfortable evening at home.
4. Sufficient to provide financial security: comfortable earnings.

comfort·a·ble·ness n.
comfort·a·bly adv.
Synonyms: comfortable, cozy, snug1, restful
These adjectives mean affording ease of mind or body. Comfortable implies the absence of sources of pain or distress: wears comfortable clothes.
The word may also suggest peace of mind: felt comfortable with the decision.
Cozy suggests homey and reassuring ease: sat in a cozy nook near the fire.
Snug brings to mind the image of a warm, secure, compact shelter: children snug in their beds.
Restful suggests a quiet conducive to tranquillity: spent a restful hour reading.

comfortable  /kmftbl, tr, kmfrtbl/  adj. 1 relaxed and restful: I sat on the big, soft sofa and made myself comfortable. 2 s.t. that provides comfort: The big, soft sofa is very comfortable. 3 enough to be satisfied and happy: She earns a comfortable living.||The front runner has a comfortable lead. 4 feeling s.t. is all right: She is comfortable with the idea of moving to a new city. -adv. comfortably.

Thesaurus: comfortable 1 at ease, snug, comfy infrml. Ant. on edge. 2 snug, cozy, comfy infrml. Ant. uncomfortable. 3 satisfactory, decent. Ants. inferior, poor. 4 content, satisfied, pleased. comfortable

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