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cob·web  (kbwb)
a. The web spun by a spider to catch its prey.
b. A single thread spun by a spider.
2. Something resembling the web of a spider in gauziness or flimsiness.
3. An intricate plot; a snare: caught in a cobweb of espionage and intrigue.
4. cobwebs Confusion; disorder: cobwebs on the brain.
tr.v. cob·webbed, cob·web·bing, cob·webs
To cover with or as if with cobwebs.

[Middle English coppeweb : coppe, spider (short for attercoppe, from Old English ttercoppe : tor, poison + copp, head) + web, web; see web.]

cobwebby adj.

cobweb  /kbwb/  n. a net of thin, sticky threads made by spiders to catch food: She cleaned away the dust and cobwebs in the old house. cobweb

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