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coast  (kst)
a. Land next to the sea; the seashore.
b. Coast The Pacific coast of the United States.
2. A hill or other slope down which one may coast, as on a sled.
3. The act of sliding or coasting; slide.
4. Obsolete The frontier or border of a country.
v. coast·ed, coast·ing, coasts
a. To slide down an incline through the effect of gravity.
b. To move effortlessly and smoothly. See Synonyms at slide.
2. To move without further use of propelling power.
3. To act or move aimlessly or with little effort: coasted for a few weeks before applying for a job.
4. Nautical To sail near or along a coast.
v.tr. Nautical
To sail or move along the coast or border of.

[Middle English coste, from Old French, from Latin costa, side; see kost- in Indo-European roots.]

coastal (kstl) adj.

coast  /kost/  n. 1 land near the ocean: the coast of Panama 2 infrml. the coast is clear: there is no danger of being seen or stopped: When the guard fell asleep, the coast was clear and we escaped.
v. [I] 1 to move without power: The sled coasted down the hill. 2 to work without pressure: He worked day and night for a year, then coasted for several months. -adj. coastal.

Thesaurus: coast n. 1 the shore, seaside, coastline. Ant. the interior.
v. 1 to slide 2 to take it easy infrml. coast

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