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coal  (kl)
a. A natural dark brown to black graphitelike material used as a fuel, formed from fossilized plants and consisting of amorphous carbon with various organic and some inorganic compounds.
b. A piece of this substance.
2. A glowing or charred piece of solid fuel.
3. Charcoal.
v. coaled, coal·ing, coals
1. To burn (a combustible solid) to a charcoal residue.
2. To provide with coal.
To take on coal.

[Middle English col, from Old English.]

coal [kəʊl]
1. (Earth Sciences / Minerals)
a.  a combustible compact black or dark-brown carbonaceous rock formed from compaction of layers of partially decomposed vegetation: a fuel and a source of coke, coal gas, and coal tar See also anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, peat1
b.  (as modifier) coal cellar coal merchant coal mine coal dust
2. one or more lumps of coal
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) short for charcoal
coals to Newcastle something supplied where it is already plentiful
haul (someone) over the coals to reprimand (someone)
to take in, provide with, or turn into coal
[Old English col; related to Old Norse kol, Old High German kolo, Old Irish gūal]
coaly  adj

coal  (kl)
A dark-brown to black solid substance formed from the compaction and hardening of fossilized plant parts in the presence of water and in the absence of air. Carbonaceous material accounts for more than 50 percent of coals weight and more than 70 percent of its volume. Coal is widely used as a fuel, and its combustion products are used as raw material for a variety of products including cement, asphalt, wallboard and plastics. See more at anthracitebituminous coallignite

coal  /kol/  n. [C;U] 1 a mineral made of carbon, black or dark brown, dug from the ground and burned for heat, that also provides gas for burning: That stove burns coal, not wood. 2 to carry coals to Newcastle: to do s.t. unnecessary or unwanted by providing s.t. that there is already a lot of (A great deal of coal can already be found in Newcastle.): I took her a bunch of flowers when I went to visit, but then I saw her beautiful gardens and realized that Id carried coals to Newcastle. 3 to rake or haul s.o. over the coals: to criticize s.o. severely: The worker made a mistake, and his boss raked him over the coals. coal

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