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clerk  (klûrk; British klärk)
1. A person who works in an office performing such tasks as keeping records, attending to correspondence, or filing.
a. A person who keeps the records and performs the regular business of a court, legislative body, or municipal district.
b. Law A law clerk, as for a judge.
3. A person who works at a sales counter or service desk, as at a store or hotel.
4. A cleric.
5. Archaic A scholar.
intr.v. clerked, clerk·ing, clerks
To work or serve as a clerk: clerked in a store; clerks for a judge.

[Middle English, clergyman, secretary, from Old English clerc and Old French clerc, clergyman, both from Late Latin clricus, from Greek klrikos, belonging to the clergy, from klros, inheritance, lot.]

clerkdom n.
clerkship n.

clerk  /klrk/  n. 1 a person who keeps records, accounts, etc., in an office 2 a salesperson in a store: My friend is a (sales)clerk in the stores shirt department.
v. [I] to work or serve as a clerk

Thesaurus: clerk n. 1 a bookkeeper, secretary 2 a cashier, sales associate. clerk

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