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cit·y  (st)
n. pl. cit·ies
1. A center of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.
a. An incorporated municipality in the United States with definite boundaries and legal powers set forth in a charter granted by the state.
b. A Canadian municipality of high rank, usually determined by population but varying by province.
c. A large incorporated town in Great Britain, usually the seat of a bishop, with its title conferred by the Crown.
3. The inhabitants of a city considered as a group.
4. An ancient Greek city-state.
5. Slang Used in combination as an intensive: The playing field was mud city after the big rain.
6. City The financial and commercial center of London. Used with the.

[Middle English cite, from Old French, from Latin cvits, from cvis, citizen; see kei-1 in Indo-European roots.]

city  /sti/  n. -ies 1 an area with many thousands of people living and working close together, (syn.) a metropolis: Many tourists visit the city of London. 2 the city: the part of a city where people work and shop, usu. its center: I live in a suburb and commute to the city every day. 3 infrml.fig. fat city: an excellent, secure life with money: He has a high-paying job; hes sitting in fat city. 4 the big city: city life with entertainment, restaurants, and bright lights: She is a city girl; she likes (the life of) the big city. city

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