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cir·ro·stra·tus  (sîr-strts, -strts)
A high-altitude, thin, hazy cloud, usually covering the sky and often producing a halo effect.

cirrostratus [ˌsɪrəʊˈstrɑːtəs]
n pl -ti [-taɪ]
(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a uniform layer of cloud above about 6000 metres (20 000 feet)
cirrostrative  adj

cirrostratus  (sîr-strts)
Plural cirrostrati (sîr-strt)
A thin, hazy, high-altitude cloud composed of ice crystals, often covering the sky in sheets and producing a halo effect around the sun. Cirrostratus clouds generally form between 6,100 and 12,200 m (20,000 and 40,000 ft). See illustration at cloud.

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