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cinch  (snch)
1. A girth for a pack or saddle.
2. A firm grip.
3. Something easy to accomplish. See Synonyms at breeze1.
4. A sure thing; a certainty.
v. cinched, cinch·ing, cinch·es
1. To put a saddle girth on.
2. To get a tight grip on.
3. Informal To make certain; secure or guarantee: cinch a victory.
To tighten a saddle girth. Often used with up.

[Spanish cincha, feminine of cincho, belt, from Latin cnctus, from past participle of cingere, to gird; see kenk- in Indo-European roots.]

cinch  /snt/  n. cinches 1 [C] a type of belt usu. made of thick leather: The cinch on a saddle holds it tight on the horse. 2 sing.infrml. an easy task: Passing that drivers test was a cinch. 3 sing.infrml. s.t. certain to happen: Its a cinch that our team will win the tournament.
v. [T] cinches 1 to tighten a belt 2 infrml. to make secure or certain: We offered to pay what they asked and cinched the deal right there. cinch

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