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chime 1  (chm)
1. An apparatus for striking a bell or set of bells to produce a musical sound.
2. Music A set of tuned bells used as an orchestral instrument. Often used in the plural.
3. A single bell, as in the mechanism of a clock.
4. The sound produced by or as if by a bell or bells.
5. Agreement; accord: a flawless chime of romance and reality.
v. chimed, chim·ing, chimes
a. To sound with a harmonious ring when struck.
b. To make a musical sound by striking a bell or set of bells.
2. To be in agreement or accord: harmonize: Their views chimed with ours. The seafood and wine chimed perfectly.
1. To produce (music) by striking bells.
2. To strike (a bell) to produce music.
a. To signal or make known by chiming: The clock chimed noon.
b. To call, send, or welcome by chiming.
4. To repeat insistently.
Phrasal Verb:
chime in
1. To interrupt the speech of others, especially with an unwanted opinion.
2. To join in harmoniously.
3. To go together harmoniously; agree.

[From Middle English chimbe (belle), from Old French, variant of cimble, cymbal, from Latin cymbalum; see cymbal.]

chimer n.

chime 2  (chm)
The rim of a cask.

[Middle English chimb, from Old English cim-, cimb- (in cimstnas, bases of a pillar, and cimbing, jointing); see gembh- in Indo-European roots.]

chime  /tam/  n. 1 a set of bells, each of which makes a different note when struck 2 an electronic device that produces a bell-like sound: I heard the chime of the doorbell.
v. chimed, chiming, chimes 1 [I;T] to make the sound of chimes: Our doorbells chime. 2 phrasal v. [I] to chime in: to suddenly join a conversation, (syn.) to interrupt: The husband and wife were arguing when one of their children chimed in that it was time to leave. chime

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