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char·coal  (ch?rkl)
1. A black, porous, carbonaceous material, 85 to 98 percent carbon, produced by the destructive distillation of wood and used as a fuel, filter, and absorbent.
a. A drawing pencil or crayon made from this material.
b. A drawing executed with such a pencil or crayon.
3. A dark grayish brown to black or dark purplish gray.
tr.v. char·coaled, char·coal·ing, char·coals
1. To draw, write, or blacken with a black, carbonaceous material.
2. To charbroil.

[Middle English charcol : char (perhaps from Old French charbon, from Latin carb; see carbon) + col, charcoal, coal; see coal.]

charcoal [ˈtʃɑːˌkəʊl]
1. (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a black amorphous form of carbon made by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air: used as a fuel, in smelting metal ores, in explosives, and as an absorbent See activated carbon
2. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) a stick or pencil of this for drawing
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) a drawing done in charcoal
4. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Colours) short for charcoal grey
(Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) (tr) to write, draw, or blacken with charcoal
[from char (origin obscure) + coal]

charcoal  (ch?rkl)
A black porous form of carbon produced by heating wood or bone in little or no air. Charcoal is used as a fuel, for drawing, and in air and water filters.

charcoal  /trkol/  n.adj. 1 [U] a black form of carbon made by partially burning wood in an airless container: <n.> Charcoal can be used as a fuel, a filter, a gas absorbent, etc. 2 [C;U] a pencil or crayon made from charcoal, or a drawing done with such a pencil: He did a drawing of a house in <n.> charcoal. 3 dark gray: She wore <adj.> charcoal pants. charcoal

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