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cash·ier 1  (k-shîr)
1. The officer of a bank or business concern in charge of paying and receiving money.
2. A store employee who handles cash transactions with customers.

[Dutch cassier or French caissier, both from French caisse, money box, from Old Provençal caisa, from Vulgar Latin *capsea, from Latin capsa, case.]

ca·shier 2  (k-shîr)
tr.v. ca·shiered, ca·shier·ing, ca·shiers
To dismiss from a position of command or responsibility, especially for disciplinary reasons. See Synonyms at dismiss.

[Dutch casseren, from Old French casser, to dismiss, annul; see quash1.]

cashier  /kr/  n. a person responsible for accepting payment from customers in a store, restaurant, etc.: The cashiers at the supermarket ring up sales, take your money, and give you change. See: teller. cashier

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