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cart  (k?rt)
a. A small wheeled vehicle typically pushed by hand: a shopping cart; a pastry cart.
b. A two-wheeled vehicle drawn by an animal and used in farm work and for transporting goods.
c. The quantity that a cart can hold.
a. An open two-wheeled carriage.
b. A light motorized vehicle: a golf cart.
tr.v. cart·ed, cart·ing, carts
1. To convey in a cart or truck: cart away garbage.
2. To convey laboriously or unceremoniously; lug: carted the whole gang off to jail.

[Middle English, wagon, from Old English cr?t and from Old Norse kartr.]

carta·ble adj.
carter n.

cart  /krt/  n. a small, light vehicle: Shopping carts are pushed by hand.
v. [T] 1 to carry s.t. by hand, cart, truck, etc.: Trucks carted garbage to the dump. 2 to carry s.t. heavy in a rough or awkward manner: I had to cart my luggage from one end of the airport to the other. cart

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