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care  /kr/  v. cared, caring, cares 1 [I;T] to worry about the well-being of others: She cares about everyone; she is interested in and concerned about people.||He doesnt care about anyone but himself. 2 [I;T] to be concerned about s.t.: She cares about the quality of her work.||I really want to buy that car; I dont care if it costs too much! 3 not to care for: not to like or love: (love) I dont care for her.||(like) He doesnt care for carrots or beans. 4 phrasal v. insep. [T] to care for s.o. or s.t.: to look after s.o.s health: When she was sick, he cared for her day and night. 5 to not care less: to not care at all: He is such a bad manager; I could not care less if he leaves the company.
n. 1 [U] concern for others: He shows care for every one of his children. 2 [U] supervision of s.o.s health or well-being: The nurses and doctors took good care of me in the hospital. 3 [U] close attention: She did her school report with great care. 4 concern not to damage: You should handle those dishes with care. 5 to take care: a. to be careful: Take care not to break any glasses. b. to stay safe and well: I will talk to you again tomorrow; take care (of yourself). 6 to take care of: to do, handle, or solve: Ill take care of the problem myself. -adj. caring.

Thesaurus: care v. 1 to feel concerned about 2 to worry about s.t., take pains with. Ants. to hate, put
(s.o. or s.t.) down. n. 1 kindness 2 pay close attention to s.o. 3 thought, precision, attention to detail
4 gentleness. care

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