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cal·cu·late  (klky-lt)
v. cal·cu·lat·ed, cal·cu·lat·ing, cal·cu·lates
1. To ascertain by computation; reckon: calculating the area of a circle; calculated their probable time of arrival.
2. To make an estimate of; evaluate: calculating the teams chances of winning.
3. To make for a deliberate purpose; design: a sturdy car that is calculated to last for years; a choice that was calculated to please.
4. also callate (klt, -lt) Chiefly New England
a. To suppose: I callate shes a right smart cook (Dialect Notes).
b. To plan, intend, or count on.
1. To perform a mathematical process; figure: We must measure and calculate to determine how much paint will be needed.
2. To predict consequences.
3. Regional
a. To suppose; guess.
b. To count, depend, or rely on someone or something: Were calculating on your help.

[Late Latin calculre, calcult-, from Latin calculus, small stone used in reckoning, diminutive of calx, calc-, small stone for gaming; see calx.]

calcu·lative (-ltv, -l-tv) adj.
Synonyms: calculate, compute, reckon, cipher, figure
These verbs refer to the use of mathematical methods to determine a result. Calculate, the most comprehensive, often implies a relatively high level of abstraction or procedural complexity: The astronomer calculated the planets position.
Compute applies to possibly lengthy arithmetic operations: computing fees according to time spent.
Reckon, cipher, and figure suggest the use of simple arithmetic: reckoned the number of hours before her departure; had to be taught to read and to cipher; trying to figure my share of the bill.

calculate  /klkylet/  v. [T] -lated, -lating, -lates 1 to do math (to add, subtract, etc.), figure s.t. (cost, price, equation, problem): The businesswoman calculated the cost of producing a car. 2 to estimate: Her sales manager calculates the number of cars that must be sold each year.

Thesaurus: calculate 1 to add (up) 2 to evaluate, assess, work out. Ant. to guess. calculate

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