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cab·in  (kbn)
1. A small, roughly built house; a cottage.
2. Nautical
a. A room in a ship used as living quarters by an officer or passenger.
b. An enclosed compartment in a boat that serves as a shelter or as living quarters.
3. The enclosed space in an aircraft or spacecraft for the crew, passengers, or cargo.
tr. & intr.v. cab·ined, cab·in·ing, cab·ins
To confine or live in or as if in a small space or area.

[Middle English caban, from Old French cabane, from Old Provençal cabana, from Late Latin capanna.]

cabin  /kbn/  n. 1 a small, usu. inexpensive, simply built house: We own a cabin in the mountains. 2 a room for sleeping on a ship: We had a pleasant cabin on the cruise ship. 3 an enclosed section of a boat or plane: The passengers and crew (pilot, copilot, etc.) are in the cabin.

Thesaurus: cabin 1 a cottage, hut, small house | shelter. Ant. mansion. 2 sleeping quarters. cabin

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