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But·ton  (btn), Richard Totten Known as Dick. Born 1929.
American figure skater who was U.S. mens champion from 1946 to 1952 and won Olympic gold medals in 1948 and 1952.

but·ton  (btn)
a. A generally disk-shaped fastener used to join two parts of a garment by fitting through a buttonhole or loop.
b. Such an object used for decoration.
2. Any of various objects resembling a button, especially:
a. A push-button switch.
b. The blunt tip of a fencing foil.
c. A fused metal or glass globule.
3. Computer Science
a. In graphical user interface systems, a well-defined area within the interface that is clicked to select a command.
b. In a hypertext database, an icon that when selected allows a user to view a particular associated object.
4. Any of various knoblike structures of a plant or animal, especially:
a. An immature, unexpanded mushroom.
b. The tip of a rattlesnakes rattle.
5. A usually round flat badge that bears a design or printed information and is typically pinned to a garment: a campaign button.
6. Informal The end of the chin, regarded as the point of impact for a punch.
v. but·toned, but·ton·ing, but·tons
1. To fasten with buttons: buttoned his shirt; buttoned up her raincoat.
2. To decorate or furnish with buttons.
3. Informal To close (the lips or mouth): Button your lip.
To be or be capable of being fastened with buttons: The blouse buttons up the back.
Phrasal Verb:
button up
1. To fasten ones clothing tightly, as against cold weather.
2. To close or seal securely: button up the cabin for winter.
3. To complete the final details of: Publication is a couple of months off; theyre just buttoning up paperback rights (Donald Dale Jackson).
on the button
Exactly; precisely.

[Middle English, from Old French bouton, from bouter, to thrust, of Germanic origin; see bhau- in Indo-European roots.]

button·er n.
button·y adj.

button  /btn/  n. 1 a small round fastener for holding clothing together: A button on his shirt fell off. 2 a part of a machine that is pushed: Press that button on the answering machine to listen to the messages. 3 a pin or badge with a message: The candidate gave out campaign buttons.
adv. right on the button: accurately, exactly right: She hit the answers to the exam questions right on the button; she got all of them correct.
v. [T] 1 to fasten a button: He buttoned his shirt. 2 phrasal v. sep. to button s.t. up: a. to fasten with buttons: He buttoned up his shirt. ||He buttoned it up. b. to finish s.t.: Lets button up the business deal by signing the contract.||Lets button it up. button

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