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bus  (bs)
n. pl. bus·es or bus·ses
1. A long motor vehicle for carrying passengers, usually along a fixed route.
2. Informal A large or ungainly automobile.
3. A four-wheeled cart for carrying dishes in a restaurant.
4. Electricity A bus bar.
5. Computer Science A parallel circuit that connects the major components of a computer, allowing the transfer of electric impulses from one connected component to any other.
v. bused or bussed, bus·ing or bus·sing, bus·es or bus·ses
1. To transport in a bus.
2. To transport (schoolchildren) by bus to schools outside their neighborhoods, especially as a means of achieving racial integration.
a. To carry or clear (dishes) in a restaurant.
b. To clear dishes from (a table).
1. To travel in a bus.
2. To work as a busboy.

[Short for omnibus. V., intr., sense 2, back-formation from busboy.]

bus  /bs/  n. buses or busses a large, often public vehicle used to carry passengers: He takes the bus to work every day.
v. [T] bused or bussed, busing or bussing, buses or busses to travel by bus: Schoolchildren are bused from their home to school and back. See: busing. bus

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