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burn  /brn/  v. burned or burnt /brnt/, burning, burns 1 [I] to be on fire: The house is burning. 2 [I;T] to hurt with fire: The fire burned her hand. 3 [I;T] to spoil with fire: He burned the meat. 4 [I] to produce light: Street lights burn all night. 5 phrasal v. sep. [T] to burn s.t. down: to destroy by fire: Vandals burned down the house.||They burned it down. 6 phrasal v. insep. [T] to burn s.t. into s.t.: to put permanently into consciousness: The look on his face is burned into my mind. 7 phrasal v. sep. [I;T] to burn s.o. or s.t. out: a. s.o.: to be unable to work anymore, usu. from exhaustion: Her hard work burned out the doctor.||It burned her out. b. s.t.: to stop burning: The fire finally burned itself out. c. s.t.: to stop working: That light bulb has burned out. 8 phrasal v. sep. [I;T] to burn s.o. or s.t. up: a. infrml.fig. to be very angry: The theft of his car burned up my cousin.||It burned him up. b. to be destroyed: The fire burned up all her furniture. 9 infrml. [I] to be or get burned: to have a loss: She paid a lot of money for a painting that turned out to be fake; she got burned.
n. an injury or wound caused by fire or sunlight: She suffered a burn on her hand. See: bridge, 6; sunburn.

Thesaurus: burn v. 1 to be ablaze/in flames | blaze | glow, smolder 2 to blister, sunburn (ones skin), scorch (clothes), singe (ones hair, clothes). Ants. to extinguish, put out (a fire). n. first-degree/second-degree/third-degree burn. burn

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