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brood  (brd)
1. The young of certain animals, especially a group of young birds or fowl hatched at one time and cared for by the same mother. See Synonyms at flock1.
2. The children in one family.
v. brood·ed, brood·ing, broods
1. To sit on or hatch (eggs).
2. To protect (young) by or as if by covering with the wings.
1. To sit on or hatch eggs.
2. To hover envelopingly; loom.
a. To be deep in thought; meditate.
b. To focus the attention on a subject persistently and moodily; worry: brooded over the insult for several days.
c. To be depressed.
Kept for breeding: a brood hen.

[Middle English, from Old English brd; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

brooding·ly adv.
Synonyms: brood, dwell, fret1, mope, stew, worry
These verbs mean to turn over in the mind moodily and at length: brooding about his decline in popularity; dwelled on her defeat; fretted over the loss of his job; moping about his illness; stewing over her upcoming trial; worrying about the unpaid bills. See Also Synonyms at flock1.

brood  /brud/  n. 1 a group of young, esp. of birds: There is a brood of chickens in the barn. 2 fig. children: A husband and wife took their brood to the circus.
v. [I] 1 to sit on eggs (a hen) 2 to think deeply and worry: He brooded over whether or not to quit his job. brood

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