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breeze 1  (brz)
1. A light current of air; a gentle wind.
2. Any of five winds with speeds of from 4 to 27 knots (5 to 31 miles per hour; 7 to 50 kilometers per hour), according to the Beaufort scale.
3. Informal Something, such as a task, that is easy to do.
intr.v. breezed, breez·ing, breez·es
1. To blow lightly.
2. Informal To progress swiftly and effortlessly: We breezed through the test.
3. To sprint around a racetrack as a means of exercise. Used of a racehorse.
shoot the breeze Slang
To engage in idle conversation.

[Perhaps from Old Spanish briza, northeast wind.]
Synonyms: breeze1, cinch, pushover, snap
These nouns denote something easily accomplished: The exam was a breeze. Chopping onions is a cinch with a food processor. Winning the playoffs was no pushover. The new computer program was a snap to learn.

breeze 2  (brz)
The refuse left when coke or charcoal is made.

[Probably from French braise, hot coals, from Old French brese, of Germanic origin; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

breeze  /briz/  n. 1 a light wind: The breeze felt good on a hot day. 2 fig. an easy task: That exam was a breeze.
v. [I] breezed, breezing, breezes fig.to move quickly and easily: She breezed by me without saying a word.

Thesaurus: breeze n. 1 a gentle wind, puff of air | zephyr frml. Ant. a gale. 2 a pushover, cinch infrml. breeze

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