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breathe  /bri/  v. breathed, breathing, breathes 1 [I;T] to take air into and out of the lungs: She breathes deeply and slowly while she sleeps. 2 [I] to live: Is he breathing? she asked, looking at the injured man. 3 [T] to speak softly: She breathed a few words of love into her daughters ear. 4 [I] to rest, relax: Take some time to breathe before you begin your next paper. 5 to breathe down s.o.s neck: to put pressure on s.o. to do s.t. 6 to breathe easy or freely: to stop worrying: The doctor says that you dont have cancer, so you can breathe easy now.

Thesaurus: breathe 1 to inhale and exhale, draw in air 2 to be alive 3 to whisper, murmur 4 to slowdown, pause and relax. Ant. to rush.
adj. breathing room (or) space: time to work or live normally: The due date on the project has been moved to next month, so we have some breathing room to finish it. breathe

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