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boy  (boi)
1. A male child.
2. A son: his youngest boy.
3. Often Offensive A man, especially a young man.
4. Informal A man socializing in a group of men: a night out with the boys.
5. Offensive A male servant or employee.
Used to express mild astonishment, elation, or disgust: Oh boywhat a surprise!

[Middle English boi, possibly from Old French embui?, servant, past participle of embuier, to fetter.]

boyhood n.

boy  /b/  n. 1 a young human male: When he was a boy, he loved sports. 2 a son, esp. young exclam. of delight, surprise, or disgust: Boy! This hot weather is too much for me! -n. [C;U] boyhood; -adj. boyish. boy

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