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bi- 1 or bin-
a. Two: biform.
b. Both: binaural.
c. Both sides, parts, or directions: biconcave.
a. Occurring at intervals of two: bicentennial.
b. Usage Problem Occurring twice during: biweekly.
a. Containing twice the proportion of a specified chemical element or group necessary for stability: bicarbonate.
b. Containing two chemical atoms, radicals, or groups: biphenyl.

[Latin bis, bi-, twice, and bn, two by two; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: Bimonthly and biweekly mean once every two months and once every two weeks. For twice a month and twice a week, the words semimonthly and semiweekly should be used. Since there is a great deal of confusion over the distinction, a writer is well advised to substitute expressions like every two months or twice a month where possible. However, each noun form has only one sense in the publishing world. Thus, a bimonthly is published every two months, and a biweekly every two weeks.

bi- 2
Variant of bio-.

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