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be·fore  (b-fôr, -fr)
1. Earlier in time: They called me the day before.
2. In front; ahead.
1. Previous to in time; earlier than.
2. In front of.
3. In store for; awaiting: The young mans whole life lies before him.
4. Into or in the presence of: She asked that the visitor be brought before her.
5. Under the consideration or jurisdiction of: The case is now before the court.
6. In a position superior to: The prince is before his brother in the line of succession.
1. In advance of the time when: See me before you leave.
2. Rather than; sooner than: I will die before I will betray my country.

[Middle English bifore, from Old English beforan; see per1 in Indo-European roots.]

before  /bfr/  prep. in front of: He stood before me.
adv. 1 earlier than: It is 10 minutes before 12 oclock. 2 ahead of: The child ran before her classmates.
conj. 1 ahead of in time: I hope he quits his job before it makes him crazy. 2 rather than, instead of before

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