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ban 1  (bn)
tr.v. banned, ban·ning, bans
1. To prohibit, especially by official decree: The city council banned billboards on most streets. See Synonyms at forbid.
2. South African Under the former system of apartheid, to deprive (a person suspected of illegal activity) of the right of free movement and association with others.
3. Archaic To curse.
1. An excommunication or condemnation by church officials.
2. A prohibition imposed by law or official decree: a ban on cigarette smoking on airplanes.
3. Censure, condemnation, or disapproval expressed especially by public opinion.
4. A curse; an imprecation.
5. A summons to arms in feudal times.

[Middle English bannen, to summon, banish, curse, from Old English bannan, to summon, and from Old Norse banna, to prohibit, curse; see bh-2 in Indo-European roots.]

ban 2  (bän)
n. pl. ba·ni (bän)
See Table at currency.

[Romanian, from Serbo-Croatian bn, lord, from Turkic bayan, very rich person : bay, rich; akin to Turkish bay, rich, gentleman + -an, intensive suff.]

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