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ar·gue  (?rgy)
v. ar·gued, ar·gu·ing, ar·gues
1. To put forth reasons for or against; debate: It is time to stop arguing tax-rate reductions and to enact them (Paul Craig Roberts).
2. To attempt to prove by reasoning; maintain or contend: The speaker argued that more immigrants should be admitted to the country.
3. To give evidence of; indicate: Similarities cannot always be used to argue descent (Isaac Asimov).
4. To persuade or influence (another), as by presenting reasons: argued the clerk into lowering the price.
1. To put forth reasons for or against something: argued for dismissal of the case; argued against an immediate counterattack.
2. To engage in a quarrel; dispute.

[Middle English arguen, from Old French arguer, from Latin argtre, to babble, chatter, frequentative of arguere, to make clear; see arg- in Indo-European roots.]

argu·er n.
Synonyms: argue, quarrel1, wrangle, squabble, bicker
These verbs denote verbal exchange expressing conflict. To argue is to present reasons or facts in order to persuade someone of something: I am not arguing with youI am telling you (James McNeill Whistler).
Quarrel stresses hostility: The children quarreled over whose turn it was to wash the dishes.
Wrangle refers to loud, contentious argument: audiences . . . who can be overheard wrangling about film facts in restaurants and coffee houses (Sheila Benson).
Squabble suggests petty or trivial argument: The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin . . . would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities (Theodore Roosevelt).
Bicker connotes sharp, persistent, bad-tempered exchange: The senators bickered about the Presidents tax proposal for weeks. See Also Synonyms at discuss, indicate.

argue  /rgyu/  v. -gued, -guing, -gues 1 [T] to fight with words: His mother and father argue with each other all the time. 2 [I] to disagree, contest what s.o. says in a formal, logical way: The two lawyers argued their case in court. -adj. arguably.

Thesaurus: argue 1 quarrel about (or) over, fight about, wrangle. Ant. to agree. 2 to discuss formally,
present logically. argue

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