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ap·ple  (pl)
a. A deciduous Eurasian tree (Malus pumila) having alternate simple leaves and white or pink flowers.
b. The firm, edible, usually rounded fruit of this tree.
a. Any of several other plants, especially those with fruits suggestive of the apple, such as the crab apple or custard apple.
b. The fruit of any of these plants.
apple of (ones) eye
One that is treasured: Her grandson is the apple of her eye.

[Middle English appel, from Old English æppel.]

apple  /pl/  n. 1 a round fruit with red, green, or yellow skin and a sweet, juicy flesh: I ate an apple for dessert. 2 infrml.fig. the apple of ones eye: ones most loved person: His two-year-old daughter is the apple of his eye. 3 the Big Apple: New York City: People visit the Big Apple from all over the world.

Usage Note: Popular nicknames for other American cities include: Beantown (Boston), the Windy City (Chicago), the Big Easy (New Orleans), and Tinsel Town (Hollywood). apple

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