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ap·plaud  (-pl?d)
v. ap·plaud·ed, ap·plaud·ing, ap·plauds
To express approval, especially by clapping the hands.
1. To express approval of (someone or something) especially by such clapping.
2. To commend highly; praise: applauded her decision to complete her degree.

[Middle English applauden, from Latin applaudere : ad-, ad- + plaudere, to clap.]

ap·plauda·ble adj.
ap·plauda·bly adv.
ap·plauder n.
Synonyms: applaud, cheer, root3
These verbs mean to express approval or encouragement audibly: applauded at the end of the concert; cheered when the home team scored; rooting for the underdog in the tennis championship.

applaud  /pld/  v. [T] 1 to clap ones hands in approval: The audience applauded the orchestras performance. 2 fig. to express admiration: The boss applauded my efforts by praising my work. applaud

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