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ap·pear  (-p?r)
intr.v. ap·peared, ap·pear·ing, ap·pears
1. To become visible: a plane appearing in the sky.
2. To come into existence: New strains of viruses appear periodically.
3. To seem or look to be: appeared unhappy. See Synonyms at seem.
4. To seem likely: They will be late, as it appears.
5. To come before the public: has appeared in two plays; appears on the nightly news.
6. Law To present oneself formally before a court as defendant, plaintiff, or counsel.

[Middle English aperen, from Old French aparoir, aper-, from Latin apprre : ad-, ad- + prre, to show.]
Synonyms: appear, emerge, issue, loom1, materialize, show
These verbs mean to come into view: a ship appearing on the horizon; a star that emerged from behind a cloud; a diver issuing from the water; a peak that loomed through the mist; a job offer that materialized overnight; a shirtsleeve showing at the edge of the jacket. See Also Synonyms at seem.

appear  /pr/  v. [I] 1 to become visible: The sun suddenly appeared from behind a big cloud. 2 to seem, be likely: It appears the weather will be nice.

Thesaurus: appear 1 to come into view, arrive | emerge. Ant. to disappear. 2 to seem like, look like,
strike s.o. as. appear

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