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an·nounce  (-nouns)
v. an·nounced, an·nounc·ing, an·nounc·es
1. To make known publicly.
2. To proclaim the presence or arrival of: announce a caller.
3. To provide an indication of beforehand; foretell: The invention of the microchip announced a new generation of computers.
4. To serve as an announcer for: announce a football game on TV.
1. To declare ones candidacy: was declared the front-runner even before she announced.
2. To serve as an announcer.

[Middle English announcen, from Old French anoncier, from Latin annntire : ad-, ad- + nntire, to report (from nntius, messenger; see neu- in Indo-European roots).]
Synonyms: announce, advertise, broadcast, declare, proclaim, promulgate, publish
These verbs mean to bring to public notice: announced a cease-fire; advertise a forthcoming concert; broadcasting their opinions; declared her political intentions; proclaiming his beliefs; promulgated a policy of nonresistance; publishing the marriage banns.

announce  /nans/  v. [T] -nounced, -nouncing, -nounces 1 to make public, declare: The parents announced the wedding of their daughter in the newspaper. 2 to act as an announcer: He announces the Giants football games, commenting on and explaining the players movements. -n. announcement /nansmnt/.

Thesaurus: announce 1 to communicate (formally), proclaim 2 to broadcast. Ant. to keep (a)
secret. announce

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