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and·i·ron  (ndrn)
One of a pair of metal supports used for holding up logs in a fireplace. Also called dog; also called regionally dog iron, firedog.

[Middle English aundiren, alteration (influenced by Middle English iren, iron) of Old French andier, of Celtic origin.]
Regional Note: A number of words that formerly were limited to one region of the U.S. are now used throughout the country. Andiron was once Northern, contrasting with Southern dog iron and fire dog. The Southern terms remain limited to that region, but andiron is now everywhere. Other formerly Northern words that have become national include faucet, contrasting with Southern spigot; frying pan, contrasting with Midland and Upper Southern skillet; and freestone peach, contrasting with clearseed and open peach in parts of the South. Southern words that are now used nationwide include feisty and gutters. See Note at frying pan.

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