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al·ways  (ôlwz, -wz, -wz)
1. At all times; invariably: always late.
2. For all time; forever: They will always be friends.
3. At any time; in any event: You can always resign if youre unhappy.

[Middle English alweis : alwei, always (from Old English ealne weg : ealne, accusative of eall, all; see all + weg, way; see wegh- in Indo-European roots) + -es, adv. suff.; see -s3.]

always  /lwez, wiz/  adv. 1 forever: I will be with you always. 2 anytime: You can always leave the party if you get tired or bored. 3 regularly, every time: We always go to the mountains for our vacation.

Thesaurus: always 1 eternally 2 certainly 3 consistently, continually. Ants. never | seldom. always

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