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a·long  (-l?ng, -lng)
1. Over the length of: walked along the path.
2. On a line or course parallel and close to; continuously beside: rowed along the shore; the trees along the avenue.
3. In accordance with: The committee split along party lines over the issue.
1. Forward; onward: We drove along, admiring the view. Farther along, we passed a hitchhiker.
2. As a companion: Bring your friend along.
3. In accompaniment or association; together: packed an atlas along with other books. See Usage Note at together.
4. With one; at hand: Luckily, I had my camera along. Our guests should be along soon.
5. Informal Advanced to some degree: getting along in years.

[Middle English, from Old English andlang, extending opposite : and-, facing; see ant- in Indo-European roots + lang, long; see long1.]

along  /l/  prep. 1 by the side of: Cars are parked along the sides of the street. 2 in the route or path of: Trucks are moving along the highway at high speed.
adv. 1 forward, into the future: I have to move along now; see you later. 2 with another person: Joe brought his girlfriend along to the party. 3 to be along: to arrive: Hes left his house; hell be along soon. 4 phrasal v. insep. to come or go along for the ride: to go with s.o. for the fun of it: She had to take a business trip to Chicago, so she asked her husband if he would like to come along for the ride. 5 phrasal v. insep. to get along: a. to leave: I have to get along now; see you later. b. to be friendly with, to be on good terms with: My boss and I get along just fine together. 6 phrasal v. insep. to go along with: a. to go with s.o.: Ill go along with you to do some shopping. b. to agree with, support: He goes along with my idea of starting a new business. c. to agree reluctantly, (syn.) to acquiesce: I didnt want to argue, so I went along with his idea. along

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