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aim  (m)
v. aimed, aim·ing, aims
1. To direct (a weapon) toward an intended target.
2. To direct toward or intend for a particular goal or group: The publicity campaign was aimed at improving the eating habits of children.
1. To direct a weapon: a gunner aiming carefully.
2. To determine a course or direct an effort: aim for a better education.
3. To propose to do something; intend: The historical society is aiming to restore the town hall.
a. The act of aiming.
b. Skill at hitting a target: The shooters aim was perfect.
a. The line of fire of an aimed weapon.
b. The degree of accuracy of a weapon.
3. A purpose or intention toward which ones efforts are directed.
4. Obsolete A target; a mark.
5. Obsolete A conjecture; a guess.

[Middle English aimen, from Old French esmer, to estimate (from Latin aestimre) and from Old French aesmer (from Vulgar Latin *ad estimre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin aestimre, to estimate).]
Synonyms: aim, direct, level, point, train
These verbs mean to turn something toward an intended goal or target: aimed the camera at the guests; directing my eyes on the book; leveled criticism at the administration; pointing a finger at the suspect; trained the gun on the intruder. See Also Synonyms at intention.

aim  /em/  v. 1 [T] to direct s.t., such as a gun or ball, at a certain point: He aimed the basketball at the net and shot the ball. 2 fig. [I] to direct ones words or actions toward a person or group: The bosss comments were aimed at you. 3 [I] to plan to do s.t.: She aims to go to college.

Thesaurus: aim 1 to point (weapon) 2 to address (ones comments to) 3 to intend, have as a goal. aim

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