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af·fil·i·ate  (-fl-t)
v. af·fil·i·at·ed, af·fil·i·at·ing, af·fil·i·ates
1. To adopt or accept as a member, subordinate associate, or branch: The HMO affiliated the clinics last year.
2. To associate (oneself) as a subordinate, subsidiary, employee, or member: affiliated herself with a new law firm.
3. To assign the origin of.
To become closely connected or associated: The two unions voted to affiliate.
n. (--t, -t)
A person, organization, or establishment associated with another as a subordinate, subsidiary, or member: network affiliates.

[Medieval Latin afflire, to adopt : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin flius, son; see dh(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

af·fili·ation n.

affiliate  /flit/  n. a business or person associated with another business or person: Our New York company has an affiliate in Los Angeles.
v. [I] /fliet/ -ated, -ating, -ates to join with, become part of: We became affiliated with this company last year. affiliate

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