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ad·ver·tise  (dvr-tz)
v. ad·ver·tised, ad·ver·tis·ing, ad·ver·tis·es
1. To make public announcement of, especially to proclaim the qualities or advantages of (a product or business) so as to increase sales. See Synonyms at announce.
2. To make known; call attention to: advertised my intention to resign.
3. To warn or notify: This event advertises me that there is such a fact as death (Henry David Thoreau).
1. To call the attention of the public to a product or business.
2. To inquire or seek in a public notice, as in a newspaper: advertise for an apartment.

[Middle English advertisen, to notify, from Old French advertir, advertiss-, to notice; see advert1.]

adver·tiser n.

advertise  /dvrtaz/  v. -tised, -tising, -tises 1 [I] to sell, (syn.) to promote a product or service: Our company advertises on television and in newspapers. 2 fig. [T] to announce, make known publicly: He advertised the fact that he is getting promoted. advertise

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