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ac·quaint  (-kwnt)
tr.v. ac·quaint·ed, ac·quaint·ing, ac·quaints
a. To cause to come to know personally: Let me acquaint you with my family.
b. To make familiar: acquainted myself with the controls.
2. To inform: Please acquaint us with your plans.

[Middle English aqueinten, from Old French acointier, from Medieval Latin accognitre, from Latin accognitus, past participle of accognscere, to know perfectly : ad-, intensive pref.; see ad- + cognscere, to know; see cognition.]

acquaint  /kwent/  v. [T] 1 to learn about (usu. a place), (syn.) to familiarize: I acquainted myself with my new neighborhood. 2 to know s.o., but not well: We met several times and are acquainted. acquaint

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