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ac·com·pa·ny  (-kmp-n, -kmpn)
v. ac·com·pa·nied, ac·com·pa·ny·ing, ac·com·pa·nies
1. To be or go with as a companion.
2. To add to; supplement: a dish best accompanied with a robust wine.
3. To coexist or occur with.
4. Music To perform an accompaniment to.
Music To play an accompaniment.

[Middle English accompanien, from Old French acompagnier : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + compaignon, companion; see companion1.]
Synonyms: accompany, conduct, escort, chaperon
These verbs mean to be with or to go with another or others. Accompany suggests going with another on an equal basis: She went to Europe accompanied by her colleague.
Conduct implies guidance of others: The usher conducted us to our seats.
Escort stresses protective guidance: The party chairperson escorted the candidate through the crowd.
Chaperon specifies adult supervision of young persons: My mom helped chaperon the prom.

accompany  /kmpni, kmpni/  v.frml. [T] -nied, -nying, -nied 1 to go with s.o. else, (syn.) to escort: I accompanied my friends to the party. 2 to play music in support of a singer or musician accompany

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