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bulk  (blk)
1. Size, mass, or volume, especially when very large.
a. A distinct mass or portion of matter, especially a large one: the dark bulk of buildings against the sky.
b. The body of a human, especially when large or muscular.
3. The major portion or greater part: The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful (Bertrand Russell).
4. See fiber.
5. Thickness of paper or cardboard in relation to weight.
6. A ships cargo.
v. bulked, bulk·ing, bulks
1. To be or appear to be massive in terms of size, volume, or importance; loom: Safety considerations bulked large during development of the new spacecraft.
2. To grow or increase in size or importance.
3. To cohere or form a mass: Certain paper bulks well.
1. To cause to swell or expand.
2. To cause to cohere or form a mass.
Being large in mass, quantity, or volume: a bulk buy; a bulk mailing.
Phrasal Verb:
bulk up
To gain weight by gaining muscle: dietary supplements that helped the weightlifters bulk up.
in bulk
1. Unpackaged; loose.
2. In large numbers, amounts, or volume.

[Middle English, perhaps partly alteration of bouk, belly, trunk of the body (from Old English bc) and partly from Old Norse bulki, cargo, heap; see bhel-2 in Indo-European roots.]

bulk  /blk/  n. [U] 1 large size: Big animals, such as elephants and whales, have huge bulk. 2 the most of s.t., (syn.) the majority: The bulk of the students passed the exam.
adj. a bulk shipment: a large quantity: The bulk shipment was 500 boxes of shoes. Bulk

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